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proChain Ventures
Domain Dominance - Committed Capital - Systemic Support

proChain Ventures

proChain Ventures is a US based venture capital firm making Pre Seed to Seed stage investments in procurement, supply chain, and logistics technology startups. We leverage a vast network of supply chain executives, thought leaders, and trusted operations partners to help startups with acceleration, development, sustainability, and early customer acquisition.

About the Firm

Diverse Team with Solid Venture, Corporate, Industry, Startup, & Exit Experience

Domain Dominance - Committed Capital - Systemic Support

Domain Dominance - Committed Capital - Strategic Support. We’re a diverse group of supply management, DEI, ESG, and venture experts enabling founders from all backgrounds and geographies to build the next generation of procurement and supply chain solutions that will empower communities and commerce. We like to think that we're the world's most connected and sophisticated supply chain, procurement, and logistics focused venture capital firm. If you're a startup operating in the procurement, supply chain, or logistics space, let's talk and see what we can create together! DEI and ESG is in our DNA and we're always looking for diverse founders and founding teams making this field more sustainable and equitable. We also love sustainability, aerospace, transportation, agriculture, energy and all the underlying enablers that make everything work.
Our focus areas
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics

Meet Our Team

J.P. Keating

Managing Partner

Dujon C Smith


Anthony Petitte


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